14 – 17 November 2024 – Murray Downs Golf & Country Club

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Final Scores – 2022 Tweed Coast Open

Queensland Amateur Will Florimo played the round of his life, a ten under par 62 to lead after the opening round of the Tweed Coast Open.

With a deluge ending any chance of the completion of the 36 hole tournament, scores reverted to the opening 18 holes, and Florimo was crowned champion, earning his first start in the NSW Open Championship

1Will Florimo (a)QLD62Abandoned62-10
2Sam BrazelNSW6464-8
3=Jay MackenzieNSW6767-5
3=Michael SimWA6767-5
3=William BruyeresQLD6767-5
6=Daniel GaleNSW6868-4
6=Douglas KleinQLD6868-4
6=Hayden WebbVictoria Flag6868-4
9=Braden BeckerWA6969-3
9=Damien JordanQLD6969-3
9=Brett RankinQLD6969-3
9=Aaron WilkinQLD6969-3
9=Shae Wools-CobbQLD6969-3
14=Quinnton Croker (a)QLD7070-2
14=Justin WarrenNSW7070-2
14=Daniel BeckmannVictoria Flag7070-2
14=Bradley KivimetsVictoria Flag7070-2
14=TJ KingQLD7070-2
14=Simon ToomanQLD7070-2
14=Peter MartinQLD7070-2
14=Charlie DannQLD7070-2
14=Corey FairchildNSW7070-2
23=Christopher WoodQLD7171-1
23=Kade McBrideQLD7171-1
23=Michael WrightQLD7171-1
23=Jordan MullaneyNSW7171-1
23=Steven JeffressNSW7171-1
23=Connor Fewkes (a)WA7171-1
23=Jayden CrippsNSW7171-1
23=Brendan SmithNSW7171-1
23=Jamie HookNSW7171-1
23=Jordan O'BrienQLD7171-1
23=Jarred McCoshWA7171-1
23=Haydn BarronWA7171-1
35=Deyen LawsonVictoria Flag7272Par
35=Simon HawkesTASMANIA FLAG ICON7272Par
35=Lucas HigginsNSW7272Par
35=Anthony ChoatSA7272Par
35=Matt DowlingVictoria Flag7272Par
35=George Giblett (a)QLD7272Par
35=Josh Liston (a)QLD7272Par
35=Matt McLeanNSW7272Par
35=Jake Hughes (a)NT7272Par
35=Kai Komulainen (a)QLD7272Par
35=Blaike Perkins (a)QLD7272Par
35=Brad TalbotQLD7272Par
47=Brady WattVictoria Flag73731
47=Tim HartQLD73731
47=Mark Chiswick (a)QLD73731
47=Dillon Hart (a)QLD73731
47=Kyle Gray (a)QLD73731
47=Jordan WiddicombeNSW73731
47=Jordan Rooke (a)QLD73731
47=Kyle MichelVictoria Flag73731
47=Michael Hanrahan-Smith (a)WA73731
47=George WorrallNT73731
47=Steven JonesVictoria Flag73731
47=Harvey Remfrey (a)NSW73731
47=Harrison WillsQLD73731
47=Austin BautistaNSW73731
47=Conor Whitelock (a)QLD73731
62=Alex EdgeNSW74742
62=Jason PerkinNSW74742
62=Gavin FairfaxQLD74742
62=Nicholas RussellQLD74742
62=Matthew RogersQLD74742
62=Jack MunroQLD74742
62=Lindsay Ross (a)QLD74742
62=Shannon Tan (a)QLD74742
70=Ben Duncombe (a)QLD75753
70=Lucien TinklerVictoria Flag75753
70=Joshua IngramNSW75753
70=Mackenzie WrightQLD75753
70=Daniel StevensonQLD75753
70=Sho Watanabe (a)QLD75753
70=Dylan ThompsonNSW75753
77=Alexander SimpsonNSW76764
77=Samuel PriceQLD76764
77=Jared LoveQLD76764
77=Joost ter VeldNED76764
77=Dylan PerryNSW76764
77=Dylan StolleryNSW76764
77=Amelia Mehmet-GrohnNSW76764
77=Clayton BridgesNSW76764
85=Adam Hawkins (a)QLD77775
85=Matthew GrenotQLD77775
85=Jordy McGarry (a)QLD77775
85=Richard BackwellQLD77775
85=Zachary KellyQLD77775
85=Mitchell AnketellVictoria Flag77775
91=Ryan GaileyQLD78786
91=Robert SpenceQLD78786
91=Adam BlythQLD78786
94=Max Duffy-Smith (a)NSW79797
94=Ryan Connors (a)NSW79797
94=Andrew BrennanNSW79797
94=Jordan Speare (a)QLD79797
98=Adam McLeanVictoria Flag80808
98=Robert Leak (a)QLD80808
98=Jordan Orth (a)CAN80808
98=Charles WrightQLD80808
98=Apostolos TsolakisNSW80808
103=Hollie Fuller (a)QLD81819
103=Tyler Glavocih (a)NSW81819
103=Mitchell McComasVictoria Flag81819
106=Darren BowmanVictoria Flag828210
106=Aden Louez (a)NSW828210
106=Eoghan O'Brien (a)QLD828210
109=Christopher KeusQLD848412
109=Adam Stojanovic (a)NSW848412
111=Lucas Van Den Elzen (a)QLD858513
111=Bill StocksQLD858513
113=Christopher Sarquis (a)878715
113=Kurt Lampe (a)NSW878715

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