Concord Golf Club, 17 – 20 March 2022

Entry List: 2022 Golf Challenge NSW Open

Entry List: 2022 Golf Challenge NSW Open

This is the entry list for the 2022 Golf Challenge NSW Open as of January 22nd, 2022.

This list is indicative, and will mirror entries on the PGATA website when released. A cut of mark indicating players who will be required to pre- Qualify will be added to this list when determined.

  * Denotes a NSW Open Champion

  ** Denotes a player who has qualified for the NSW Open through the NSW Regional Open Series or Regional Amateur Qualifying

Past Champ/ RQNameState/ NatExemption Category
Amateurs exempt from Qualifying
Harry Bolton (a)“Australian2021 NSW Country Champion
Jeffrey Guan (a)“New2021 NSW Junior Champion
Harrison Crowe (a)“New2022 Aust. Master of the Ams - Champ
“NSWThomas Heaton (a)“New2021 Am RQ-Forbes Open
“NSWRobbie Minns (a)“New2022 Links Shell Cove Champion
“NSWLuke Arthur (a)“New2022 Goulburn Cup Champion
Jayden Ford (NZL) (a)“New2022 Avondale Amateur Champ
TBC2022 NSW Medallist
TBC2022 NSW Amateur Champion
TBC2022 Kurri Kurri Cup Champion*
TBC2022 Rich River Open Amateur*
TBC2021 Junior 6's Champion
TBC2022 Concord Cup
TBC2022 Concord Nominee
NSW Regional Open Qualifiers
“NSWDaniel Gill (a)Victoria FlagMurray Open
“NSWJohn Lyras“NewMurray Open
“NSW“NSWAaron Townsend“NewMurray Open
“NSWDaniel Gale“NewWestern Open
“NSWJosh Armstrong“NewWestern Open
“NSWJames Conran“NewWestern Open
“NSWBrady Watt“WestQueanbeyan Open
“NSWJames Grierson“NewQueanbeyan Open
“NSWPeter WilsonVictoria FlagQueanbeyan Open
Tournament Invitations
Brendan Jones“Australian
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Invitation - TBC
Cat 1: Winners PGA Tour OOM
Matt GriffinVictoria Flag
Cat 3: +500k Winners Current+Prev 2
Zach MurrayVictoria Flag
‚ÄúNSWBryden Macpherson“Qld
“NSWJosh YoungerVictoria Flag
Cat 4: -$500k Winners Current+Prev 2
Andrew Evans“New
Marcus FraserVictoria Flag
Andrew MartinVictoria Flag
Anthony Quayle“Qld
Cat 6: 2-30 2020 PGA Tour OOM
Matthew Millar“Australian
Jarryd Felton“West
Darren Beck“New
Elvis Smylie“Qld
Dimitrios Papadatos“New
Scott Arnold“New
Shae Wools-Cobb“Qld
Jordan Zunic“New
Ben Campbell“New
Cat 12: 31-50 2019 OOM + Aff
Dale Williamson“New
Richard GreenVictoria Flag
Charlie Dann“Qld
Deyen Lawson“Qld
Nathan Barbieri“New
Samuel Eaves“Qld
Matthew Stieger“New
Peter Fowler“New
Max McCardle“Sth
Jake Higginbottom“New
Blake Collyer“Qld
Chang Gi Lee“South
Cat 14: 2-30 PGA Tour Q-School
Aaron Wilkin“Qld
David MicheluzziVictoria Flag
John Lyras“New
Douglas Klein“Qld
Luke Brown“New
Tom Power HoranVictoria Flag
Damien Jordan“New
Daniel Gale“New*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
James Grierson“New*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
Edward DonoghueVictoria Flag
Ben WhartonVictoria Flag
Josh Armstrong“New*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
Peter WilsonVictoria Flag*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
Jay Mackenzie“New
Zinyo Garcia“New
Matt JagerVictoria Flag
Jackson Bugdalski“New
Ben FordVictoria Flag
James MarchesaniVictoria Flag
Aaron Pike“Qld
Matias SanchezVictoria Flag
Daniel BeckmannVictoria Flag
Lawry Flynn“Qld
Cat 15: 51-60 2020 Tour OOM + Aff
Tim Hart“Qld
Derek Ackerman“US
David Bransdon“US
Brett Rankin“Qld
‚ÄúNSWMichael Wright“Qld
Cat 16: Leading 10 PGA Pro-Am OOM
Brady WattVictoria Flag*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
‚ÄúNSWRick Kulacz“West
Andrew Kelly“US
Alex Edge“New
Anthony Choat“New
‚ÄúNSWAaron Townsend“New*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
Cat 17: Leading 3 2020 NZ OOM
Gareth Paddison“New
Cat 18: Leading 5 Graduates
Mitchell Gannon“New
Jordan Widdicombe“New
Matthew HowellVictoria Flag
No ranking (Full Member Tour/Vocational)
‚ÄúNSWAdam Blyth“Qld
Full Member Tournament
Matt McLean“New
William Bruyeres“Qld
Josh Clarke“New
Andre Stolz“Qld
George WorrallVictoria Flag
Lucien TinklerVictoria Flag
Bradley KivimetsVictoria Flag
Adam Bland“Sth
Robert Hogan“New
Cameron JohnVictoria Flag
Daniel Stevenson“Qld
Glenn Joyner“Qld
Lucas Higgins“New
Daniel Fox“West
Brendan Smith“New
Jack Munro“Qld
Simon Tooman“Qld
Jordan Mackay“New
‚ÄúNSWLeigh McKechnie“New
Full Member Vocational
Jarred McCosh“West
Christopher Keus“Qld
Steve Treisman“New
Lucas Bates“New
Ben Percival“West
Christopher Crooks“Qld
Joost ter Veld“Netherlands
Mitchell Brown“New
Daniel Priest“New
Andrew Campbell“New
Jarrod Harding“New
Peter Martin“Qld
Dylan Thompson“New
Nathan Miller“New
Jayden Cripps“New
Hayden WebbVictoria Flag
Luke O'Sullivan“New
James Gleeson“New
Andrew Brennan“New
Brock GillardVictoria Flag
James Edge“New
Rhett McIvor“New
Nicholas Russell“Qld
Patrick Joseph“New
Jordan Mullaney“New
Jason Perkin“New
Colin Banham“New
Brodie BurdenVictoria Flag
Jamie Hook“New
Temporary Tournament Mbr (Tour)
Linus Yip“New
Jack MurdochVictoria Flag
Michael Pearce“New
Mitch Davis“New
Aiden DidoneVictoria Flag
Blake Proverbs“Qld
Ben A CampbellVictoria Flag
James Conran“New*Qualified virtue of the 2022 NSW Regional Open Series
Jeremy Fuchs“New
Zachary Maxwell“Qld
Bradley Doherty“New
Jack Poutney“New
Membership Pathway Program Invite not ex
Travis TattVictoria Flag
Lachlan ArmourVictoria Flag
Ben PaineVictoria Flag
Mitchell Smith“Qld
Cameron KellyVictoria Flag
Zachary Kelly“New
Harrison Wills“Qld
Jack McLeod“New
Jack Walden“New
Riley Taylor“New
Jeong Woo Ha“West
Corey Fairchild“New
Jackson Jubelin“Qld
Thomas Pritchard-Davies“New
Mackenzie Wright“Qld
Cameron Banks“New
Aaron Maxwell“Australian
Jack Rachel“New
Senior Tour member
Guy Wall“New
Non-Member Professional
Matthew Crook“Qld
Ryley Martin“Qld
Doong Gyu Han“South
Daniel Brooker“New
Chris Crabtree“Qld
Haydn Barron“West