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Final Results: 2021 Golf Challenge NSW Open

Final Scores from the 2021 Golf Challenge NSW Open Golf Championship, held at Concord Golf Club March 25th to 28th, 2021.

PosPlayerNationality/ StateR1R2R3R4Tot+/-
1Bryden MacphersonVictoria Flag   66676568266-18
2Elvis SmylieOld Flag Icon69686468269-15
Jack ThompsonSA66686570269-15
4Michael SimWA66637269270-14
Dale WilliamsonNSW66657069270-14
6Blake WindredNSW64716769271-13
7Jordan ZunicNSW71686964272-12
Matthew MillarACT70696865272-12
Cameron JohnVictoria Flag Icon71676866272-12
Brad KennedyOld Flag Icon66696968272-12
Tim HartOld Flag Icon66677069272-12
Anthony ChoatSA67696769272-12
Jarrod StirlingOld Flag Icon67706669272-12
Nathan BarbieriNSW65686673272-12
15Douglas KleinOld Flag Icon70676967273-11
16Josh ArmstrongNSW70687066274-10
Daniel GaleNSW69667168274-10
Adam BlythOld Flag Icon71657068274-10
Andrew DodtOld Flag Icon65697070274-10
Justin WarrenNSW68647171274-10
Travis SmythNSW68666971274-10
Andrw MartinVictoria Flag Icon65676973274-10
23Peter FowlerNSW67717166275-9
Deyen LawsonVictoria Flag Icon67687070275-9
James MarchesaniVictoria Flag Icon66716771275-9
Jake McLeodOld Flag Icon74677263276-8
Jye Pickin (a)NSW70716768276-8
Harry Bolton (a)ACT71647170276-8
David BransdonVictoria Flag Icon65717070276-8
Ben EcclesVictoria Flag Icon67687071276-8
AnthonyQuayleOld Flag Icon68686971276-8
Dylan PerryNSW68676576276-8
33Marcus FraserVictoria Flag Icon70697167277-7
Steven JeffressNSW69726967277-7
Louis Dobbelaar (a)Old Flag Icon70677268277-7
Derek AckermanUSA71687068277-7
Jack MunroOld Flag Icon70706968277-7
38Matthew GriffinVictoria Flag Icon70677368278-6
Kade McBrideOld Flag Icon68707169278-6
Andrew Richards (a)NSW68726969278-6
Gavin FairfaxOld Flag Icon67697270278-6
Alessandro NosedaSUI69687170278-6
Hayden Hopewell (a)WA67707170278-6
Christopher WoodOld Flag Icon65737070278-6
Harrison Crowe (a)NSW68667371278-6
Chang Gi LeeKOR65707271278-6
Max McCardleSA69726671278-6
Zach MurrayVictoria Flag Icon69686972278-6
Tom Power HoranVictoria Flag Icon68696972278-6
Damien JordanOld Flag Icon70686674278-6
51David MicheluzziVictoria Flag Icon69677568279-5
James GriersonNSW69717069279-5
Jason NorrisSA71696970279-5
Lawry Flynn (a)Old Flag Icon69676974279-5
55Jake HigginbottomNSW67727368280-4
Matias SanchezVictoria Flag Icon70707169280-4
Blake ColyerVictoria Flag Icon71707069280-4
58Josh ClarkeNSW69677471281-3
59Lincoln TigheNSW69697767282-2
Charlie DannOld Flag Icon71697171282-2
Ashley HallVictoria Flag Icon74667072282-2
62James ConranNSW69727567283-1
Aaron WilkinOld Flag Icon67737271283-1
Peter LonardNSW72686974283-1
Aaron PikeOld Flag Icon71706874283-1
66Linus YipNSW72697370284E
Andrew KellyVictoria Flag Icon68707274284E
68Matt DowlingVictoria Flag Icon697173722851
Daniel FoxWA667075742851
Bradley KivimetsVictoria Flag Icon706774742851
71Jarryd FeltonWA736774722862
72Andre Lautee (a)Victoria Flag Icon697177702873
Josh Fuller (a)NSW726674752873
74Christopher Fan (a)NSW 687177762928
75Simon HawkesTASMANIA FLAG ICON6970777929511

players who missed the cut

76Adam BlandSA7468142E
Lukas Michel (a)Victoria Flag Icon7567142E
Jordan WiddicombeNSW7171142E
Campbell RawsonNZL7270142E
Josh YoungerVictoria Flag Icon7072142E
Brendan JonesACT7072142E
Jediah Morgan (a)Old Flag Icon6874142E
Jordan Jung (a)WA7072142E
Shae Wools-CobbOld Flag Icon7171142E
85Robert HoganNSW71721431
David GleesonOld Flag Icon71721431
Peter CookeSA72711431
Peter SeniorOld Flag Icon70731431
Aaron TownsendNSW69741431
Terry PilkadarisVictoria Flag Icon71721431
Brady WattWA73701431
Michael LongNZL72711431
Martin DiveNSW72711431
Rohan BlizardNSW72711431
Luke HumphriesNSW74691431
Ben A CampbellVictoria Flag Icon70731431
Brett RankinOld Flag Icon70731431
Samuel Slater (a)Old Flag Icon71721431
Dimitrios PapadatosNSW72711431
Corey Lamb (a)NSW69741431
Michael WrightOld Flag Icon71721431
Jack McLeodNSW70731431
103Matt JagerOld Flag Icon72721442
John LyrasNSW74701442
Jordan MullaneyNSW71731442
Cory CrawfordOld Flag Icon71731442
Lucas Higgins (a)NSW70741442
Andrew EvansNSW74701442
Glenn JoynerVictoria Flag Icon70741442
110Rick KulaczWA73721453
Jye Halls (a)NSW71741453
Matthew StiegerNSW73721453
Jeremy FuchsNSW73721453
114Andrew BrennanNSW78681464
Jay MackenzieNSW72741464
Peter WilsonVictoria Flag Icon67791464
Jeffrey Guan (a0NSW75711464
Lachlan ArmourVictoria Flag Icon77691464
Scott ArnoldNSW71751464
Anthony MarchesaniVictoria Flag Icon71751464
122Troy MosesNSW70771475
Thomas Heaton (a)NSW74731475
Darren BeckNSW74731475
Nathan GreenNSW70771475
Chris Campbell (a)NSW74731475
Scott StrangeWA72751475
128Peter O'MalleyNSW70781486
Sung Jin YeoNZL75731486
Kyle MichelVictoria Flag Icon71771486
131James AnstissNZL71781497
Quinton HoweVictoria Flag Icon75741497
Brayden PetersenNSW76731497
134Hyunsik KongOld Flag Icon73771508
135Jason PerkinNSW74771519
Joshuaa Robards (a)NSW73781519
Andrew CampbellNSW73781519
138Ali Rachid (a)NSW757715210
Ryan WoodwardVictoria Flag Icon757715210
140Daniel NisbetOld Flag Icon767715311
Bradley DohertyNSW757815311
Alexander SimpsonNSW767715311
143Lloyd RadcliffeNSW807615614
144Paul GowNSW817615715

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