Entry List – 2021 NSW Open

Professional entries received and amateurs exempt from qualifying for the 2021 NSW Open as of 20 January, 2021.

All amateur entries will be taken and displayed via Golf Genius. A link to the tournament splash page can be found HERE.

The appearance of the names listed below is NOT and indication of a position in the Championship field proper.

The cutoff for direct entry into the championship will be advised and displayed here at a later date.

All entrants who are required to pre-qualify will be duly informed of their assigned qualifying venue closer to the event.

Amateurs exempt from Qualifying
NSWThomas Heaton2020 RQ-Cessnock Cup
TBCHost Club
VICLukas Michel2021 Aust Master of the Ams.
NSWJye Halls2020 Junior 6's Champion
NSWHarrison Crowe2020 NSW State Team
NSWNathan Barbieri2020 NSW State Team
NSWHarry Bolton2020 NSW State Team
NSWJames Conran2020 NSW State Team
QLDSam SlaterInterstate entry Golf NSW Discretion
WAJordan JungInterstate entry Golf NSW Discretion
NSWChris Campbell2020 NSW Mid-Am Champion
NSWJoshuaa Robards2020 NSW Junior Champion
NSWJeffrey Guan2020 NSW Junior Champion
Cat 1: Winners OOM, Open, PGA, Masters
 VICMatthew GriffinEntered
Cat 2: +500k Winners Current+Prev 2
 TASSimon HawkesEntered
 VICJosh YoungerEntered
Cat 3: -$500k Winners Current+Prev 2
 QLDBrett RankinEntered
 VICTom Power HoranEntered
 NSWDarren BeckEntered
 NZLCampbell RawsonEntered
 QLDAnthony QuayleEntered
Cat 4: 2-30 2019 PGA Tour OOM
QLDAaron PikeEntered
 NSWAndrew DodtEntered
 NSWTravis SmythEntered
 VICDavid BransdonEntered
QLDDeyen LawsonEntered
 WAJarryd FeltonEntered
 VICAndrew MartinEntered
 NZLJames AnstissEntered
 NSWDaniel GaleEntered
 VICMarcus FraserEntered
Cat 9: Lead 5 from 1-20 Career Money
 NSWPeter FowlerEntered
 NSWPeter O'malleyEntered
Cat 10: 31-50 2019 OOM + Aff
 VICRichard GreenEntered
 VICJames MarchesaniEntered
 NSWBlake WindredEntered
 NSWMatthew StiegerEntered
 VICBrady WattEntered
 NSWDimitrios PapadatosEntered
 VICMatt JagerEntered
 QLDShae Wools-CobbEntered
 NSWAaron TownsendEntered
 QLDCory CrawfordEntered
 QLDJason NorrisEntered
Cat 12: 2-25 PGA Tour Q-School
 VICPeter WilsonEntered
 NSWLincoln TigheEntered
 NSWJames GriersonEntered
 USADerek AckermanEntered
 QLDKade McBrideEntered
 VICAnthony MarchesaniEntered
 NSWScott ArnoldEntered
 NSWJay MackenzieEntered
 VICRyan McCarthyEntered
 VICBen EcclesEntered
 NSWDale S WilliamsonEntered
 NSWAndrew EvansEntered
 KORChang Gi LeeEntered
 NZLDaniel HillierEntered
 NSWJosh ClarkeEntered
Cat 13: 51-60 2019 Tour OOM + Aff
 VICCameron JohnEntered
 NSWJordan ZunicEntered
 WADaniel FoxEntered
 NSWJustin WarrenEntered
Cat 14: 26-40 Q School
 NSWLinus YipEntered
 VICMatt DowlingEntered
 QLDCharlie DannEntered
 NSWMartin DiveEntered
 QLDHyunsik KongEntered
 QLDRyan WoodwardEntered
QLDDouglas KleinEntered
 VICBen A CampbellEntered
 WARick KulaczEntered
 VICAdam BurdettEntered
 NSWAndrew CampbellEntered
 NSWBradley DohertyEntered
 NZLSung Jin YeoEntered
Cat 15: Leading 10 PGA Pro-Am OOM
 QLDTim HartEntered
 ACTMatthew MillarEntered
 QLDMichael WrightEntered
 VICRuben LalEntered
 VICAndrew KellyEntered
Leading 5 Trainee Graduates
 NSWAndrew BrennanEntered
Full Member Tournament
 NSWRohan BlizardEntered
 NSWDamien JordanEntered
 VICMatias SanchezEntered
 NSWJack PountneyEntered
 SWIAlessandro NosedaEntered
 NSWMitch DavisEntered
 VICKristopher MueckEntered
 QLDGlenn JoynerEntered
 QLDAndre StolzEntered
 QLDChristopher WoodEntered
 NSWJake HigginbottomEntered
 NSWAlex EdgeEntered
 VICLucien TinklerEntered
 QLDSimon ToomanEntered
 NSWNeven BasicEntered
 VICMike HarwoodEntered
VICDavid DiazEntered
Full Member Vocational
 NSWNathan MillerEntered
 VICSahil SahibEntered
 NSWAnthony ChoatEntered
 NSWEdward TamsettEntered
 NSWSam BrazelEntered
 NSWClayton BridgesEntered
 NSWDaniel MorganEntered
 NZLLuke O'SullivanEntered
 VICBradley KivimetsEntered
 QLDMatthew RogersEntered
 QLDSamuel PriceEntered
 VICHayden WebbEntered
 QLDPeter MartinEntered
 QLDRodney HumeEntered
 NSWDavid PaddisonEntered
 QLDDavid FearnsEntered
 NSWBenjamin BurgeEntered
 NSWRhett McIvorEntered
 NSWSung ParkEntered
 NSWDylan ThompsonEntered
 NSWMarco ZirovEntered
 QLDChristopher KeusEntered
 ACTGary DowlingEntered
 NSWLuke WhitebreadEntered
Trainee with Playing Invite not exempt
 NSWBrayden PetersenEntered
 NSWDarcy BoydEntered
 NSWMitchell GannonEntered
 NSWLuke HumphriesEntered
 VICLachlan ArmourEntered
 VICBen PaineEntered
 NSWJack WaldenEntered
 NSWAaron WaltersEntered
 NSWStefan TuionetoaEntered
 VICMatthew HowellEntered
 NSWJordan WiddicombeEntered
 ACTTrent BrittonEntered
 NSWJayden CrippsEntered
 NSWJarrod HardingEntered
 QLDStanislas BoileveEntered
Non-Member Professional
 NSWGuy WallEntered
 NSWScott FordEntered
 QLDDavid GleesonEntered
 QLDDylan PerryEntered
 QLDRyley MartinEntered
 NSWAaron TreaceyEntered
 NSWLuke BartlettEntered
QLDMatthew CrookEntered
 NSWMichael PearceEntered
 NSWJames GleesonEntered
 NSWKirt AnthonyEntered
 KORDoong Gyu HanEntered
 NSWRicky KatoEntered