Player List

Player List

Players who have qualified for the final field of the 2019 AVJennings NSW Open.

This lists includes qualifiers from the final round of Qualifying.


Ewan PorterInvitationNSWConfirmed
Mark HensbyInvitationNSWConfirmed
Steve AllanInvitationVICConfirmed
David McKenzieInvitationVICConfirmed
Timothy ShinInvitationENGConfirmed
Min Woo Lee InvitationWAConfirmed
David MicheluzziInvitationVICConfirmed
Matt GogginInvitationQLDConfirmed
Brett RumfordInvitationWAConfirmed
Andrew DodtInvitationNSWConfirmed
Terry PilkadarisInvitationWAConfirmed
Matthew CheungInvitationHKGConfirmed
Michael PearceInvitationNSWConfirmed
Colin BanhamInvitationNSWConfirmed

Amateur Entries

Kartik Sharma (A)NSW Amateur ChampionINDConfirmed
Chris Campbell (A)NSW Mid-Am ChampionNSWConfirmed
Corey Lamb (A)NSW Jnr ChampionNSWConfirmed
Jordan Ayre (A)NSW Country ChampionNSWConfirmed
Wil Arnold (A)Regional Qualifier - ForbesNSWConfirmed
Lukas Michel (A)Regional Qualifier - Rich RiverVICConfirmed
Josh Gadd (A)Regional Qualifier - The VintageNSWConfirmed
Steven VailRegional Qualifier - GoulburnNSWConfirmed
Grahame Stinson (A)Regional Qualifier - Shell CoveNSWConfirmed
Chun-An Yu (A)Aust Master of the AmateurTPEConfirmed
Hayden Hopewell (A)Invitational 6'sWAConfirmed
Blake CollyerVICConfirmed
Luke BrownNZLConfirmed
Elvis Smylie (A)QLDConfirmed
Jack Buchanan (A)QLDConfirmed
Ideriha Taichero (A)JPNConfirmed
Riki Edagawa (A)JPNConfirmed
Soud Takahiro(A)JPNConfirmed
Sebestian Seow (A)SINConfirmed
Tommy Nguyen (A)VIEConfirmed
Phuong Toan Nguyen (A)VIEConfirmed
Conor Purcell (A)IREConfirmed
Conor McKinney (A)IREConfirmed
Jordan Woodall (A)NZLConfirmed
Blake WindredNSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
Nathan Barbieri (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
Josh Armstrong (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
Lucas Higgins (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
Jye Pickin (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
Jordie Garner (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
Harrison Crowe (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed
James Conran (A)NSW State TeamNSWConfirmed


NameExemption CategoryState/NationalityStatus
Nick CullenCat 1SAEntered
Zach MurrayCat 2VicEntered
Daniel NisbetCat 2QLDEntered
Simon HawkesCat 2TASEntered
Jason NorrisCat 2SAEntered
Dimitrios PapadatosCat 2NSWEntered
Matt MillarCat 3ACTEntered
James NittiesCat 3NSWEntered
Callan O'ReillyCat 3NSWEntered
Jarryd FeltonCat 3WAEntered
Ben CampbellCat 3NZLEntered
Ben EcclesCat 3VICEntered
Steve JeffressCat 3QLDEntered
Nick VokeCat 3NZLEntered
Nick FlanaganCat 3NSWEntered
Cameron JohnCat 3VICEntered
Daniel GaleCat 3NSWEntered
Josh YoungerCat 3VICEntered
Gareth PaddisonCat 3NZLEntered
Jordan ZunicCat 3NSWEntered
Aaron PikeCat 3QLDEntered
Darren BeckCat 3NSWEntered
Matt StiegerCat 3NSWEntered
Marcus FraserCat 21c-Top 10 previousNSWEntered
Campbell RawsonCat 8NZLEntered
Tom Power-HoranCat 8VICEntered
Brett RankinCat 8QLDEntered
Michael LongCat 8NZLEntered
Peter CookeCat 8SAEntered
Daniel FoxCat 8WAEntered
Peter LonardCat 9NSWEntered
Peter O'MalleyCat 9NSWEntered
Richard GreenCat 9VICEntered
Cory CrawfordCat 10QLDEntered
Max McCardleCat 10SAEntered
Andrew MartinCat 10VICEntered
Mark BrownCat 10NZLEntered
Rhein GibsonCat 10NSWEntered
Damien JordanCat 10QLDEntered
Michael WrightCat 10QLDEntered
Matt JagerCat 10VICEntered
Christopher WoodCat 10QLDEntered
Ryan ChisnallCat 10NZLEntered
Blake ProverbsCat 10QLDEntered
James MarchesaniCat 10VICEntered
Braden BeckerCat 10WAEntered
Harry BatemanCat 10NZLEntered
Ash HallCat 10VICEntered
Aaron TownsendCat 10aNSWEntered
Deyen LawsonCat 10aVICEntered
Jack WilsonCat 10aVICEntered
James AnstissCat 10a`NZLEntered
Travis SmythCat 10a`NSWEntered
Andrew EvansCat 10aNSWEntered
Kade McBrideCat 10aQLDEntered
Jordan MullaneyCat 10aNSWEntered
Michael SimCat 10aQLDEntered
Adam BurdettCat 10aVICEntered
Lincoln TigheCat 10aNSWEntered
Denzel IeremiaCat 10aNZLEntered
Brady WattCat 10aWAEntered
Dale Brandt-RichardsCat 10aNSWEntered
Peter WilsonCat 10aVICEntered
Taylor MacDonaldCat 11QLDEntered
Jake HigginbottomCat 12NSWEntered
Jamie ArnoldCat 12NSWEntered
Scott StrangeCat 12WAEntered
Tim StewartCat 13NSWEntered
Brody MartinCat 13WAEntered
Rick KulaczCat 13WAEntered
Antonio MurdacaCat 13SAEntered
Daniel PearceCat 14NZLEntered
Justin WarrenCat 16NSWEntered
Nathan GreenCat 16NSWEntered
Mark HutsonCat 16NZLEntered
Brad MoulesCat 16SAEntered
Ruben SondjajaCat 16NSWEntered
Aaron WilkinCat 16QLDEntered
Martin DiveCat 16QLDEntered
Jack MunroCat 16QLDEntered
Scott ArnoldCat 16NSWEntered
Hayden BeardCat 16NZLEntered
Charlie DannCat 16QLDEntered
Dale WilliamsonCat 16NSWEntered
Douglas KleinCat 16QLDEntered
Chang Gi LeeCat 16KOREntered
Andrew SchonevilleCat 16VICEntered
Ryan LynchCat 16VICEntered
DJ LoypurCat 16VICEntered
Nicholas BarneyCat 16QLDEntered
Jack MurdochCat 16VICEntered
Shae Wools-CobbCat 16QLDEntered
Theodore CoroneoCat 16NSWEntered
Troy MosesCat 16NSWEntered
Andrew CampbellCat 16NSWEntered
Fraser MacLachlanCat 16NZLEntered
Daniel HoeveCat 16WAEntered
Benjamin StoweCat 16NSWEntered
Robbie MorrisonCat 16SCOEntered
Cooper GeddesCat 16WAEntered
Alex EdgeCat 17NSWEntered
Jacob BoyceCat 17QLDEntered
Michael ChoiCat 17VICEntered


Taylor CooperQualifierNSWConfirmed
Jediah MorganQualifierQLDConfirmed
Jay MackenzieQualifierNSWConfirmed
Jonathan LedgerQualifierVICConfirmed
Neven BasicQualifierNSWConfirmed
Jeremy FuchsQualifierNSWConfirmed
Tim HartQualifierVICConfirmed
Corey RaeQualifierNSWConfirmed
Jake RileyQualifierWAConfirmed


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