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Player List

Players who have qualified for the final field of the 2019 AVJennings NSW Open.

This lists includes qualifiers from the final round of Qualifying.


Ewan Porter Invitation NSW Confirmed
Mark Hensby Invitation NSW Confirmed
Steve Allan Invitation VIC Confirmed
David McKenzie Invitation VIC Confirmed
Timothy Shin Invitation ENG Confirmed
Min Woo Lee Invitation WA Confirmed
David Micheluzzi Invitation VIC Confirmed
Matt Goggin Invitation QLD Confirmed
Brett Rumford Invitation WA Confirmed
Andrew Dodt Invitation NSW Confirmed
Terry Pilkadaris Invitation WA Confirmed
Matthew Cheung Invitation HKG Confirmed
Michael Pearce Invitation NSW Confirmed
Colin Banham Invitation NSW Confirmed

Amateur Entries

Kartik Sharma (A) NSW Amateur Champion IND Confirmed
Chris Campbell (A) NSW Mid-Am Champion NSW Confirmed
Corey Lamb (A) NSW Jnr Champion NSW Confirmed
Jordan Ayre (A) NSW Country Champion NSW Confirmed
Wil Arnold (A) Regional Qualifier - Forbes NSW Confirmed
Lukas Michel (A) Regional Qualifier - Rich River VIC Confirmed
Josh Gadd (A) Regional Qualifier - The Vintage NSW Confirmed
Steven Vail Regional Qualifier - Goulburn NSW Confirmed
Grahame Stinson (A) Regional Qualifier - Shell Cove NSW Confirmed
Chun-An Yu (A) Aust Master of the Amateur TPE Confirmed
Hayden Hopewell (A) Invitational 6's WA Confirmed
Blake Collyer VIC Confirmed
Luke Brown NZL Confirmed
Elvis Smylie (A) QLD Confirmed
Jack Buchanan (A) QLD Confirmed
Ideriha Taichero (A) JPN Confirmed
Riki Edagawa (A) JPN Confirmed
Soud Takahiro(A) JPN Confirmed
Sebestian Seow (A) SIN Confirmed
Tommy Nguyen (A) VIE Confirmed
Phuong Toan Nguyen (A) VIE Confirmed
Conor Purcell (A) IRE Confirmed
Conor McKinney (A) IRE Confirmed
Jordan Woodall (A) NZL Confirmed
Blake Windred NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
Nathan Barbieri (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
Josh Armstrong (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
Lucas Higgins (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
Jye Pickin (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
Jordie Garner (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
Harrison Crowe (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed
James Conran (A) NSW State Team NSW Confirmed


Name Exemption Category State/Nationality Status
Nick Cullen Cat 1 SA Entered
Zach Murray Cat 2 Vic Entered
Daniel Nisbet Cat 2 QLD Entered
Simon Hawkes Cat 2 TAS Entered
Jason Norris Cat 2 SA Entered
Dimitrios Papadatos Cat 2 NSW Entered
Matt Millar Cat 3 ACT Entered
James Nitties Cat 3 NSW Entered
Callan O'Reilly Cat 3 NSW Entered
Jarryd Felton Cat 3 WA Entered
Ben Campbell Cat 3 NZL Entered
Ben Eccles Cat 3 VIC Entered
Steve Jeffress Cat 3 QLD Entered
Nick Voke Cat 3 NZL Entered
Nick Flanagan Cat 3 NSW Entered
Cameron John Cat 3 VIC Entered
Daniel Gale Cat 3 NSW Entered
Josh Younger Cat 3 VIC Entered
Gareth Paddison Cat 3 NZL Entered
Jordan Zunic Cat 3 NSW Entered
Aaron Pike Cat 3 QLD Entered
Darren Beck Cat 3 NSW Entered
Matt Stieger Cat 3 NSW Entered
Marcus Fraser Cat 21c-Top 10 previous NSW Entered
Campbell Rawson Cat 8 NZL Entered
Tom Power-Horan Cat 8 VIC Entered
Brett Rankin Cat 8 QLD Entered
Michael Long Cat 8 NZL Entered
Peter Cooke Cat 8 SA Entered
Daniel Fox Cat 8 WA Entered
Peter Lonard Cat 9 NSW Entered
Peter O'Malley Cat 9 NSW Entered
Richard Green Cat 9 VIC Entered
Cory Crawford Cat 10 QLD Entered
Max McCardle Cat 10 SA Entered
Andrew Martin Cat 10 VIC Entered
Mark Brown Cat 10 NZL Entered
Rhein Gibson Cat 10 NSW Entered
Damien Jordan Cat 10 QLD Entered
Michael Wright Cat 10 QLD Entered
Matt Jager Cat 10 VIC Entered
Christopher Wood Cat 10 QLD Entered
Ryan Chisnall Cat 10 NZL Entered
Blake Proverbs Cat 10 QLD Entered
James Marchesani Cat 10 VIC Entered
Braden Becker Cat 10 WA Entered
Harry Bateman Cat 10 NZL Entered
Ash Hall Cat 10 VIC Entered
Aaron Townsend Cat 10a NSW Entered
Deyen Lawson Cat 10a VIC Entered
Jack Wilson Cat 10a VIC Entered
James Anstiss Cat 10a` NZL Entered
Travis Smyth Cat 10a` NSW Entered
Andrew Evans Cat 10a NSW Entered
Kade McBride Cat 10a QLD Entered
Jordan Mullaney Cat 10a NSW Entered
Michael Sim Cat 10a QLD Entered
Adam Burdett Cat 10a VIC Entered
Lincoln Tighe Cat 10a NSW Entered
Denzel Ieremia Cat 10a NZL Entered
Brady Watt Cat 10a WA Entered
Dale Brandt-Richards Cat 10a NSW Entered
Peter Wilson Cat 10a VIC Entered
Taylor MacDonald Cat 11 QLD Entered
Jake Higginbottom Cat 12 NSW Entered
Jamie Arnold Cat 12 NSW Entered
Scott Strange Cat 12 WA Entered
Tim Stewart Cat 13 NSW Entered
Brody Martin Cat 13 WA Entered
Rick Kulacz Cat 13 WA Entered
Antonio Murdaca Cat 13 SA Entered
Daniel Pearce Cat 14 NZL Entered
Justin Warren Cat 16 NSW Entered
Nathan Green Cat 16 NSW Entered
Mark Hutson Cat 16 NZL Entered
Brad Moules Cat 16 SA Entered
Ruben Sondjaja Cat 16 NSW Entered
Aaron Wilkin Cat 16 QLD Entered
Martin Dive Cat 16 QLD Entered
Jack Munro Cat 16 QLD Entered
Scott Arnold Cat 16 NSW Entered
Hayden Beard Cat 16 NZL Entered
Charlie Dann Cat 16 QLD Entered
Dale Williamson Cat 16 NSW Entered
Douglas Klein Cat 16 QLD Entered
Chang Gi Lee Cat 16 KOR Entered
Andrew Schoneville Cat 16 VIC Entered
Ryan Lynch Cat 16 VIC Entered
DJ Loypur Cat 16 VIC Entered
Nicholas Barney Cat 16 QLD Entered
Jack Murdoch Cat 16 VIC Entered
Shae Wools-Cobb Cat 16 QLD Entered
Theodore Coroneo Cat 16 NSW Entered
Troy Moses Cat 16 NSW Entered
Andrew Campbell Cat 16 NSW Entered
Fraser MacLachlan Cat 16 NZL Entered
Daniel Hoeve Cat 16 WA Entered
Benjamin Stowe Cat 16 NSW Entered
Robbie Morrison Cat 16 SCO Entered
Cooper Geddes Cat 16 WA Entered
Alex Edge Cat 17 NSW Entered
Jacob Boyce Cat 17 QLD Entered
Michael Choi Cat 17 VIC Entered


Taylor Cooper Qualifier NSW Confirmed
Jediah Morgan Qualifier QLD Confirmed
Jay Mackenzie Qualifier NSW Confirmed
Jonathan Ledger Qualifier VIC Confirmed
Neven Basic Qualifier NSW Confirmed
Jeremy Fuchs Qualifier NSW Confirmed
Tim Hart Qualifier VIC Confirmed
Corey Rae Qualifier NSW Confirmed
Jake Riley Qualifier WA Confirmed



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