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Final Results: 2011 NSW Open

Final Results: 2011 NSW Open

Crawford Survives Thriller at Newcastle

Queenslander Adam Crawford held on to win the 2011 NSW Open at Newcastle Golf Club from Anthony Summers, Paul Donahoo, and rising Newcastle amateur Jake Higginbottom.

After playing near-flawless golf in the final round, Crawford was one happy man to win the NSW Open by one shot. After a disappointing first-round 74 in the rain on Thursday, the 36-year-old bounced back, shooting 66, 65 and 69 for a total of six-under-par 274.

After closing out his final round, Crawford watched as the challengers succumbed to final hole nerves.

Fellow Queenslander Paul Donahoo, the overnight leader at nine-under, and seasoned Sydney professional Anthony Summers had opportunities to force a playoff.

Donahoo was six under when he teed off from the 18th but dunked his second shot into the green-side bunker behind the hole. His third from the sand skated about 2.5 metres past, leaving him a tricky putt to save par and force extra holes. Sadly, he pushed his par putt right.

Summers, five-under with one to play, had a 4.5-metre birdie putt to grab a share of the lead but left his putt on the lip, leaving Crawford as champion.

Crawford was surprised with his win, given his prediction of the winning score being in the double figures at the start of the week.

“It’s great to win a State Championship. I’m surprised to be the winner at 6 under. It just goes to show how great a course this is.”

“I think us pros will be talking about this course for a while. I thought getting into a playoff would be great, but to win is just awesome.”

Higginbottom finished his week by taking home the honour of leading amateur and second place.

1Adam Crawford“Qld74 66 65 69274 -6
2=Jake Higginbottom (a)“New 68 69 68 70275 -5
2=Anthony Summers“New 70 67 6672275 -5
2=Paul Donahoo“Qld 68 66 6774275 -5
5Mahal Pearce“New 69 7072 67278 -2
6=Peter NolanVictoria Flag 70 69 70 70279 -1
6=James Nitties“New 67 69 6776279 -1
8=Aaron Townsend“New71 7071 68280 EVEN
8=Douglas Holloway“New7173 66 70280 EVEN
10=Matthew Stieger (a)“New73 6971 682811
10=Max McCardle“Sth7272 67 702811
12=Marcus Cain“Qld 697172 702822
12=Ashley HallVictoria Flag 697171712822
12=Ben Campbell (a)“New72 6672722822
12=Darren Tan“West71 6772722822
12=Grant Moorhead“New 69 6872732822
12=Heath Reed“Qld72 67 67762822
18=Nick Cullen“Sth717271 692833
18=Benjamin Clementson (a)“New72 70 69722833
18=Jin Jeong“South73 70 67732833
18=Neven Basic“New 69 70 70742833
22=Brett Drewitt (a)“New73 6973 692844
22=Mitchell A. Brown“New72 7071712844
22=Tristan Lambert“New 707171722844
25=Peter O'Malley“New7371 70712855
25=Ryan Haller“Qld72 6972722855
25=Brett Rankin“Qld717274 682855
28=David Klein“New72 6973722866
28=Kim Felton“West71 7072732866
28=Kurt Carlson“Qld71 6873742866
28=Anthony BrownVictoria Flag 677172762866
32=Nick MacKay“New72 6975712877
32=Michael Craig“Qld 697374712877
32=Stephen Leaney“West717372712877
32=Nathan Waters (a)“New71 69 70772877
36=Craig HasthorpeVictoria Flag77 6473742888
36=John Martino“West74 6973722888
38=Matt Jager“West717274722899
38=Daniel Fox“West 697475712899
38=Matthew Giles“New72 69 67812899
41Bradley Fasher“New 6774747529010
42=Jamie Arnold“New 6871747929212
42=Graeme Stockley“New 6971757729212
42=Damon Welsford“New 69 70767729212
42=Jason Norris“Sth 6973717929212
46=Michael ChoiVictoria Flag 6674777629313
46=David BransdonVictoria Flag 70 70807329313
46=Rowan Beste“Qld7271787229313
49=Brad McIntosh“New73 69757729414
49=Steven JonesVictoria Flag7171797329414
51Peter Shaw“New7371787429616
52=Tony McNaughtonVictoria Flag7371728129717
52=Ricky Kato (am)“New 7071777929717
54Joshua Carmichael“New 6974817529919
55=Kyle Grant (a)“New7172768130020
55=Jason King“New74 70787830020
57Tim Hart (a)“Qld 6876807930323
Players below failed to make the cut
59=Peter Stojanovski (a)“New76 691455
59=Michael Raseta“New74711455
59=Brent McCullough“New75 701455
59=Kelly Kraft (a)“US73721455
59=Jarrod Moseley“West72731455
59=Leigh McKechnie“New75 701455
59=Mark Gilson“New74711455
59=Dean Kinney“New 70751455
59=Wayne Berry“New72731455
59=Andrew MartinVictoria Flag73721455
59=Michael Foster“West71741455
59=Andrew KellyVictoria Flag75 701455
59=Rohan Blizard“New 70751455
59=Peter Spearman-Burn“New74711455
73=Henry Epstein“Qld77 691466
73=Michael Williams (a)“New71751466
73=Alex Katholos“New72741466
73=Aaron Black“New76 701466
73=Adam Le Vesconte“Qld73731466
73=Aaron Pike“Qld73731466
73=Andrius Belkus (a)“New 68781466
73=Craig ScottVictoria Flag73731466
73=Terry Price“Qld76 701466
73=Michael Neaton (a)“Qld75711466
73=Do Eun An“South74721466
73=Adam Downton (a)“New76 701466
85=Hamish Robertson“New73741477
85=Benjamin Pedersen“New 69781477
85=Edward Stedman“New 70771477
85=Scott Arnold“New75721477
85=Andrew Thompson (a)“New75721477
85=Peter Welden“New77 701477
85=Adam Kelleher“New77 701477
85=Callan O'Reilly (a)“New75721477
85=Daniel Bringolf (a)“New73741477
85=Cameron Smith (a)“Qld72751477
85=Chris Hartas“New71761477
85=Steven HorstmannVictoria Flag75721477
97=Beau McDonald (a)“New73751488
97=Brayden Petersen (a)“New76721488
97=Matthew Ballard“Qld74741488
97=Aaron CoxVictoria Flag74741488
97=Tim Frazer“New73751488
97=Nick Gillespie“New76721488
97=Andrew Evans“New75731488
97=Anthony Gilligan“Qld74741488
97=David McKendrickVictoria Flag75731488
97=Samuel Brazel“New72761488
97=Taylor Cooper“New74741488
97=Michael Smyth“New71771488
97=Dimitrios Papadatos (a)“New74741488
97=Josh Cabban (a)“New73751488
97=Troy Cox“New74741488
112=Alex Hamilton (a)TASMANIA FLAG ICON75741499
112=Martin Dive“New74751499
112=Luke BleuminkVictoria Flag80 691499
112=Rhys McGovern“New75741499
112=Jarrod Freeman (a)“New75741499
112=Ben WhartonVictoria Flag73761499
112=Sam Burrell“New74751499
112=David Hando“New71781499
120=Cameron Haines (a)“New767415010
120=Zac Stolz (a)“New777315010
120=Ryan McCarthy (a)TASMANIA FLAG ICON727815010
120=Ethan Shanahan“New797115010
120=Lincoln Tighe“New777315010
120=Chad Inkster“Qld727815010
126=Mathew Perry (a)“New757615111
126=Steven Jeffress“Qld757615111
126=Ryan Smith (a)“New777415111
126=Dean Meagher“New797215111
130=Jonathan Painter“New777515212
130=David Abbott“New747815212
130=Ben Pisani“Qld787415212
133=Deyen LawsonVictoria Flag757915414
133=Kota Kagasaki (a)“Japan767815414
133=Simon Furneaux“New777715414
133=Grant Thomas (a)“New767815414
137=Glen Evans“New827315515
137=Alex Edge“New807515515
137=Rudolph Bezuidenhout“New817415515
137=Michael Etherington“New807515515
137=Blake Windred (a)“New837215515
142=James Carr“West768015616
142=Brady Watt (a)“West748215616
144Mitchell Harry“New817715818
145Dale Brandt-Richards (a)“New778215919
146=Robbie Hogan (a)“New817916020
146=Joshua Clarke (a)“New798116020
148Keiran Bish“New808116121
149Matthew Scarfone (a)“New788416222
150Harrison Endycott (a)“New868316929